Important Autographs and Escape Room info

preface: This is a pilot program to test effectiveness. Signage will be posted in relevant areas to aid in awareness. We have high hope that it'll work out great, but we are prepared fall back to standard line practices of years past (plus a couple lessons learned after certain samurai seduction shindigs) if necessary.

We're happy to introduce our new "attractions" software feature at MAGFest! If you'd like to participate in an Escape Room, attend Autograph Session, or play Tabletop RPG campaigns, you can now use this system to reserve a space in an activity for a specific time slot. Forget waiting 2 hours to be sure you've got a spot when an autograph session starts, only to wait another hour to get the autograph. Forget spending the whole afternoon simply trying to sign up for an escape room. Just find a time slot for the attraction, check if it has free slots, enter your badge number, and show up on time!

You'll receive a text or e-mail confirmation, so you can be sure you're signed up, and if someone is trying some funny business with your badge number, you can cancel anything you didn't sign up for. Certain attractions will only allow you to sign up for one time slot, so check the listed restrictions and be sure you've signed up for the one you want.

Walk-ups are still welcome if there are free slots at start time, but you'll have to hope for no-shows if you try to walk-up to a full slot. We're working on getting signup kiosks in our registration area, and also at the respective attraction areas, but you can access it from any web browser by heading to

MAGFest software is open source, and you can check it out at We're built by the communities that attend our events, so we always welcome more helping hands to make things more awesome for everyone.