Super MAG 2018 Music Announcement #14

So all of our chiptune performers for the January 2018 event have been announced, yet no visualists have been mentioned yet. That's kinda odd, don't you think?

ON THAT NOTE, the fourteenth Super MAGFest 2018 music announcement is....


Due to the largely DIY nature of both, chipmusic has grown alongside live visual performances; one might even say coalesced, as you won't find many live chiptune events without visualists present and accounted for. Our chiptune concerts are no different. The visualists are possibly even more present thanks to both our big stage & many, many big honkin' screens.

This Super MAG's Visualist crew is:

  1. Claire Kwong
  2. dr!p
  3. mrghosty
  4. Pixelseed
  5. Noukon
  6. Nate Horsfall

Do some clicking and learning, including which musical performers they'll be accompanying.