Pathfinder & Dungeons & Dragons Adventure's League

We are pleased to announce our new "attractions" feature, which will allow our attendees to sign up for events in advance, including D&D Adventures League, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Pathfinder Adventure Card Game scenarios. Please check it out and reserve your spot at the table for the scenarios you most wish to play!

Our team will be again offering Pathfinder scenarios through the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild, a worldwide fantasy roleplaying campaign that puts YOU in the role of an agent of the Pathfinder Society—a legendary league of explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers dedicated to discovering and chronicling the greatest mysteries and wonders of an ancient world beset by magic and evil.

If you are an experienced Pathfinder Society GM and would like to volunteer to GM at MAGFest, then please let us know! With enough qualified GMs, hopefully we'll be able to offer some specials this year in addition to regular scenarios.

D&D Adventurers League is an ongoing official campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. It uses the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, and features the Forgotten Realms setting. New players always welcome, and we'll provide everything you need to begin your epic adventure as a daring rogue, valiant fighter or arcane wizard! If you are a veteran league player, you can expect a variety of events all weekend long at all tiers of play. D&D Adventurers League at MAGfest has something for everyone!

This year, dare to defy death when the Tomb of Annihilation comes to MAGfest. The so-called death curse, a wasting disease afflicting everyone who’s ever been raised from the dead, is spreading far and wide across the Forgotten Realms. The cause is a necromantic artifact called the Soulmonger, which is located somewhere in Chult, a mysterious jungle peninsula far to the south. Can you discover the mystery behind the Soulmonger and help put and end to the curse?

How can I Help?

Earn volunteer service hours and help us offer even more amazing Tabletop experience!

If wanting to help the library, run boardgames tournaments, or more general email us here!

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If you are an experienced Pathfinder Society or D&D Adventurers League GM and would like to volunteer to run PFS or DDAL games at MAGFest, then please let us know! Earn volunteer service hours and help us offer even more awesome Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons at MAGFest! If you are interested in volunteering for Pathfinder Society, please email here or if you would like to volunteer with Dungeons Dragons Adventurers League email here with your questions and contact information.