Scavenger Hunt

MAGFest Scavenger Hunt 2018

Scavenger Hunt Headquarters will be outside the Tabletop department. The Scavenger Hunt Headquarters will be open Thursday-Saturday 10am-8pm, and Sunday 10am-4PM. Head inside Tabletop if no Scavenger Hunt official is currently available.

Use the hashtag #MAGFestScavengerHunt2018 if you post your photos to social media


 The scavenger hunt is separated into 3 parts: MAGFest, Cosplay, and Random.

 Photos may be taken on a phone, digital camera, Polaroid, disposable camera, et al.

 All photos MUST be taken with permission from all persons involved. Don’t take random

pictures of people or products without asking. And remember, no means no. If someone

doesn’t want their picture taken, don’t take their picture

 Cooperation is encouraged. Work together with your friends, MAGFest staff and other

attendees to complete each section.

 MPoints will be awarded for whoever completes each category first, as well as ALL three.

 There is a prize chart at Scavenger Hunt Headquarters

 If you finish a section, head over to the Scavenger Hunt Table to redeem your photos for


MAGFest Hunt:

There is a lot to explore at MAGFest that a lot of people miss. Use this scavenger hunt to help you explore all that MAGFest has to offer. Each area will have a different task for you to complete.

Take a photo at each of these places doing the described.

 Registration- A photo of you with your badge

 Panels- Learn something new

 Tabletop- Learn and play a new board game

 Arcade- Find your favorite pinball machine

 Consoles- Play a Kirby game

 Indie games- Play something you’ve never heard of

 Concert Hall- A picture of a band you went to see

 Jam Clinic- Check out a jam session

 MAGFest Museum- Your favorite exhibit

 Gazebo- Take a rare photo of the gazebo being empty

 Fountain- Watch the light show

Cosplay Hunt:

Hunt and find people in various kinds of cosplay (yes, you can include yourself in cosplay if you choose to do so.) ALWAYS get consent to photograph. Please ask the person you want to photograph for a picture.

If you are unsure about something like character, franchise, gender, or origin just ask politely.

Find a cosplay from...

 ...a TV show

 ...a movie

 ...a video game

 anime

 ...comics

 A gender-bend cosplay (a cosplay of one gender turned into a different gender)

 Deadpool cosplaying as another character

 A character turned steampunk

 THROWBACK cosplay

 Someone cosplaying your favorite character

 Someone wearing a cosplay you don’t know

 A cosplay that is very original/unique

 Two people (who don’t know each other) cosplaying the same character

 BONUS: Someone cosplaying the same character as you


This section is just for fun, some random things for you to find and do. Take a photo of the following things:

 A really cool pair of shoes

 Really cool hair/wig

 An awesome beard

 A really cool outfit that is NOT cosplay

 A meal you ate this weekend

 Your favorite outfit that you wore

 “No Colossus roar beyond this point”

 A really crowded elevator

 People having a makeshift dance party somewhere random

 A MAGFest Treasure Chest

 Someone wearing this year’s MAGFest shirt

 Someone wearing a previous years MAGFest shirt

 Someone wearing a MAGFest staff shirt