Branching Paths

« Branching Paths » is a documentary that offers a close looks to the mosaic of the developers and people who gravitate around Japanese independent game scene between 2013 and 2015.

Anne Ferrero is freelance director and journalist who makes various contents about Japan. After working for the French tv channel « Nolife » specialized into Japanese pop-culture, she moved to Japan and met many people making video games, from industry veterans to students. It gives her the wish to dig more into Japan’s indie game scene for her first documentary.

She has been living in Tokyo since fall 2011, acting as director and producer for her Japanese show “toco toco”.

Video production: ASSEMBLAGE

ASSEMBLAGE is a Tokyo-based, full service video production, motion graphics and animation studio, producing creatively compelling content for broadcast, web, cinema. ASSEMBLAGE is putting new focus into content’s development including short and long-form documentaries, dramas and films.

Run Time: 2 hours