Broken Gear: A Final Fight Fan Film

When the suffering citizens of Metro City have all but lost hope against the constant threat of violence and crime put upon them, two Metro City natives rise up to battle the root of their oppression, the Mad Gear gang. Mike Haggar, former champion wrestler and street fighter, is the newly elected Mayor of Metro City. Haggar goes public, ushering a political stance against the Mad Gear gang only to realize the threat is far more ingrained than he could have ever imagined. On the street level is Cody Travers, a young man tired of living his life in fear who has reached a point of no return. Cody's answer is to fight fire with fire and bring fear and violence back to the Mad Gear gang. Will their tactics to save the city, root out the gang problem ? or is it just the start of a series of events that will make things worse before they get better?

Run Time: 1 hour