Employment Opportunities

MAGFest would not exist if not for the selfless efforts of our volunteers who put in whatever free time they can to build amazing things, but we still need a staff of full time employees to keep the organization running year round. Are you interested in devoting your day job to our mission of preserving video game music and gaming of all types? If so, then we need your help! We're looking for friendly and reliable professionals to join our crazy dedicated team of die-hard MAGFest ninjas using their super powers for the greater good. If you think you're the best around, and nothin's ever gonna keep you down, then check out the job listings below for where we need help.

Questions and applications/resumes may be submitted to jobs@magfest.org. Please send a separate e-mail for every position you'd like to apply for.

Communications Manager

This position has been updated to reflect the role of being a cultivator and leader of multiple community management teams, so the description now highlights the need for leadership experience over technical marketing skill. If you were previously declined for this position, but feel you are better suited to the updated description, you may apply again with updated cover letter to reflect these strengths.

Also known as the "Count of Communications," this position will be responsible for promoting the growth of MAGFest communities around the world. In addition to supporting our flagship event, this role will also heavily focus on providing our local event communities with promotional support and guidance to help them become more self-sufficient. Please submit a resume, cover letter, and a relevant writing sample to be considered. This position had a soft closing date of March 9, 2018. Although you may still apply, please be aware that we are in the final stages of hiring and so we will only be able to consider extremely competitive applicants. Details here.