Our MAGES Contributors

The MAGES Coordinating Team

Tim MacNeil (Director)
During the year, Tim executes on high-level strategy and planning for the development of the organization. He initiates new events and components for MAGES programming and is the lead point of contact form but facilitating new partnerships. He is also the primary liaison to MAGFest’s Board of Directors. During MAGFest, he puts out fires, facilitates panels and manages the Forum.

Jeremy E. Pesner (Assistant Director)
During the year, Jeremy conducts outreach and helps develop partnerships on behalf of MAGES. He maintains a strong network in the technology, policy and gaming spaces, and pulls from it in order to enlarge and expand the MAGES community. During MAGFest, he onboards panelists, helps provide technical equipment and serves as a panelist himself, in which he has audience members play games in real time.

Shane Ryan Kelly (Online Community Manager)
Shane is an undergraduate from New York. He likes to write, connect, and experiment. Shane is dedicated to helping MAGES become a cohesive and welcoming community for anyone interested in an insightful dialogue about games.

Featured Speakers

Kent Norman
Kent Norman is an Associate Professor and founding member of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland (cs.umd.edu/hcil). He has taught a course on the Psychology of Video Games and Entertainment for the past eight years(cognitron.umd.edu). He is the director of the Laboratory for Automation Psychology and Decision Processes, Gamasutra blogger, and past MAGFest panelist.

Chris Hazard
Dr. Chris Hazard is the founder and CEO of Hazardous Software, a growing game studio that makes video games that help analyze strategy-level problems for large organizations. He holds a PhD in computer science from NC State on artificial intelligence for trust and reputation. He has done work in a variety of fields from psychology to network infrastructure to hypnosis to robotics. Dr. Hazard is most publicly known for his 2011 game Achron, which won GameSpot's Best Original Game Mechanic award, and also for his research on game design, for which he has given keynote speeches at major conferences.

Lindsay Grace
Lindsay Grace is a professor, game designer and researcher. He directs the American University Game Lab and Persuasive Play Studio. His game designs have received awards and recognition from the Games for Change Festival, Meaningful Play Conference , ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community and others. He has published more than 35 papers, articles and book chapters on games in the last 5 years. His creative work has been selected for showcase in more than eight countries and 12 states. Lindsay has served industry as an independent consultant, web designer, software developer, entrepreneur, business analyst and writer.