Participate in MAGES

MAGES has grown significantly since we started in 2014. In just a year, we doubled the number of participants and speakers taking part in our panels at MAGFest events, and our online community is growing too. MAGES wants to bring together academics, developers, writers, composers, artists, and fans to create an insightful speaker series promoting the analysis of games within the larger context of MAGFest. All facets of gaming, whether they are artistic, educational, cultural, financial, legal, musical or design, can be examined through multiple perspectives to build the robust interdisciplinary forum of discourse we call MAGES. With an eye towards a future filled with great ideas, we are always excited to add new thinkers.

Are You a MAGE?

  • Are you driven by an intense curiosity? MAGES are always investigating the “why’s” and “what-if’s” in front of them.
  • Do you enjoy video games and conversing with fans of games? MAGES are social and collaborative.
  • Do you revel in the big picture? MAGES seek to connect the dots across genres, technologies, and different gaming experiences.
  • Do you welcome differing opinions and interdisciplinary perspectives? MAGES enjoy discovering unexpected and challenging information.

Does this sound like you? If you interested in joining the MAGES group of enthusiastic experts, then please fill out the below form with the relevant information. We are always looking to expand the MAGES pool, and we will contact you soon.

As part of MAGFest, MAGES and all MAGFest panels support Plz Diversify Your Panel. It is our belief that only through enthusiastic inclusion can we push the boundaries of what we know and can accomplish together.