MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase (MIVS)

Counting down days to MIVS 2018!

The staff of MIVS is very excited to for the 2018 show. In addition to the wonderful Independent Games being shown in the MIVS primary showcase (Listed Below) there are a few other features that show the many forms of the Indie Game spirit.

  • Indie Arcade
    • Innovative Independent games in the joystick and button glory beloved for ages!
  • Indie Homebrew
    • Classic consoles with brand new homerewed games!
  • MAGfest Versus
    • An outstanding Game Show featuring independent games from our very own showcase!

MIVS is Proud to Announce the 2018 Showcase Featuring:

  • A Robot Named Fight
  • Akari
  • Astral Gunners
  • Audiowave VR
  • AVARIAvs
  • B.O.O.M. - You Win
  • Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars
  • Blind Blades
  • Chrono Ghost
  • Circle Soiree
  • Desolus
  • DinoBlaster
  • DiscoShips
  • Empyrean Frontier
  • Evolution
  • EXPOSURE, a game of camouflage
  • FrightShow Fighter
  • Ghosts of Miami
  • Graffiti Revolution Toronto
  • Haberdashery
  • Hastilude
  • Haymakers
  • Imperatum
  • Joggernauts
  • Kingdom Bashâ„¢
  • Krazam!
  • KungFu Kickball
  • L U C A H
  • Legacy of the Shards
  • Log Jammers
  • Lost Cave
  • Lunaform
  • Mama Hawk
  • Mask Of Semblance
  • Miracle Mia
  • Mister Mart
  • Neon Wasteland
  • Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood
  • Ophidian
  • ParaLily
  • Pixel Noir
  • ROOT
  • Shadows of Adam
  • Sneaky Ninja
  • Sole
  • Spherakill
  • Splitty Robot
  • Squirrely Roo Rabbit
  • Stage Fright
  • Super Rock Blasters!
  • Swap Fire
  • Tether
  • The Impeccable Picaro
  • The Magic Wolves
  • The Poisoned Pawn
  • UFO Rodeo
  • Virtual Wave
  • Where Shadows Slumber
  • Zarvot

Indie Arcade

Put Your Skills to the Test at MAGfest Versus

Evil is about to turn this Dreamland into a nightmare!

Buff Von Stud-Horse is back, and this time he is here to destroy MAGFest Candyland! Put a wrench in his diabolical plans by checking out MAGFest Versus, hosted this year by Phil Moore!

MIVS 2018 Showcase Submissions have Closed.

Submissions for the MIVS 2018 are have closed, Thank you to all of the wonderful indie teams that have submitted their games.This is the Round 1 video submission. Guidelines for the round 2 demo submission can be found in the MIVS FAQ.

Didn't get a video in in time for the Showcase but still want to be a part of MIVS?

  • There is still an opportunity to get to show your game in the "Quickplay" section of MIVS
  • Quickplay is a limited time slot available at a table within the MIVS area to show your game.
  • This area is given on a first come first serve basis sign up list each day of MAGfest.
  • Several time slots are available each day
  • Further information on Quickplay can be found in the MIVS FAQ.

For any questions related to the submission process please check the MIVS FAQ Page .

Best of luck to all Indies the MIVS staff is excited to see the wonderful development that all of the Devs have been working on over the last year!

In addition to the daily noon to 7pm showcase (noon to 2pm on Sunday), there is the 24 hour "Indie Arcade", featuring indie video games in custom built arcade enclosures - because sometimes you really need to play a fresh, new game at 4am in the morning.

Once all the indie booths are allocated; if you are an indie with a video game, there is still option to show your game at one of our "QuickPlay" tables.

Information on "QuickPlay" and other answers can be found on the MIVS FAQ Page.

Any questions not answered in the FAQ, or for general MIVS department contact, please send an e-mail to:

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