What is MIVS?

The MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase (MIVS) is a part of MAGFest where independent game developers can show and present their game to MAGFest attendees. Aprox. 60 teams are able to show their games in person and other areas like our indie arcade let you explore other avenues of independent games.

Accepted to the showcase?

Check out the Showcase Presenters' FAQ.

Didn't get accepted or missed the deadline?

You still have a chance to present at MAGFest! Learn about our Quickplay area.

Interested in applying for MAGFest 2019? We will open The first Round of Judging which involves supplying a video submission on August 19th, 2018.

  • A “submission” consists of a video showing 30 seconds of uninterrupted gameplay of your game.
  • If your game has multiple “modes” or “gameplay styles” you are welcome to “cut video” after 30 continuous seconds to show another aspect of your gameplay.
  • If there is special information you want to convey about your game (e.g., a peripheral utilized), be sure to include information about it in the video or the judges will not be aware.
  • Videos over 2 minutes long will not be accepted.
  • How submissions are received will be announced before round 1 opens.
  • The round 2 will be open to those who make it through round 1 and will require sending in a playable demo of your game.
  • All Round 1 video submissions are due by September 2nd, 2018.

Each year the criteria is tweaked, you can see what was required this year in the Applicant FAQ, and for those who made it past Round 1, the Round 2 FAQ.

So what happens after the video?

After the video submission all games that have passed that round will be contacted via e-mail with directions to the next round (Playable Demo submission).

The full schedule for the submission process is as follows:

  • These details will be listed shortly.

This schedule may be subject to change due to unforeseen issues.

If you are using Pre-flight or a similar service:

You must provide us with the various e-mails and accompanying passwords to those test-flight enabled accounts.