Amanda Lepre

She has come to rock your faces. She will devour your soul with heavy riff and booming vocals. She is Amanda Lepre, and she's ready to take MAGFest on, SOLO!

The front-woman for Descendants of Erdrick, and guitarist/vocalist for both Andrew W. K. and Those Whose Fight will be bringing her full acoustic stage performance to Super MAGFest and shredding her way into your hearts (and eardrums).

Prepare thyselves for the full fury of Lepre!

With rich soprano vocals and aggressive, metal-inspired acoustic riffs, Amanda Lepre's music is like strapping on armor and suiting up on an adventure. As a vocalist, guitarist, arranger, and performer, she blends influences from video game music and literature to create her own singer/songwriter style.

In addition to her original music, Amanda is the founder and front-woman of Austin-based video game tribute band Descendants of Erdrick, and was recently selected by rock icon Andrew W.K. to perform in his touring band. Her debut album Beneath the Forest of Error contains 11 tracks of heavy, progressive/electronic-inspired melodies in a foundation of acoustic riffs.

Amanda Lepre is originally from the Rio Grande Valley, and is currently based in Austin, Texas.