Double Experience

If you need a soundtrack for the daily grind, look no further than Double Experience! A two-piece rock outfit from Ottowa, Ian and Brock come prepared to make your entire life's musical score one to be reckoned with. Classic guitar riffs meet new-age vocals to bring an aggressively paced setlist you won't want to miss at their debut MAGFest performance. Come bask in the powerful aura of Double Experience when they take on their newest boss, Main Stage at Super MAG!

Nerd rockers from Ottawa, Ontario play on the hardest difficulty settings the music industry has to offer. As an independent act, Double Experience have logged 500 performances across 16 countries while their recent album, “Unsaved Progress”, reached #6 on Canada's Loud Chart. Their anthem for the video game Destiny garnered hundreds of thousands of views and ushered the band into pop culture conventions all over North America.