Dr. Zilog

Are you a fan of heavy metal, prog rock, chipmusic and weird samples? Have you ever wondered what those four wondrous things would sound like all smashed together in a most excellent way? Would you be interested in seeing this performed in a live concert setting, perhaps in the near future?

Then you should probably check out Dr. Zilog's showcase at Super MAG 2018, because that is a thing that will happen there. And it will be good. Oh so very good. \m/

Out from the sound processor of a mutated Gameboy comes Dr. Zilog, a progressive chiptune metal act combining original 8-bit compositions with live guitars and drums.

Dr. Zilog is:
Pieter Montoulieu - guitar, chiptunes, drums
Jackson Kaufman - guitar, chiptunes, drums
Eric W. Brown aka rainbowdragoneyes - live drums