Kirby's Dream Band

Once upon a time, Kirby decided to absorb the talents of six different musicians and form a band. Or, maybe the six absorbed his talents and just went about their day. Either way, Kirby's Dream Band is bringing the pink back to Super MAGFest, with all the rock and dance and balloons you can handle!

With the powers of Erich Beckmann (ErichWK) on Drums, Andre Beller on Bass, Ian Luckey on Keyboards, Mike Montemarano (Monte) on more Keyboards, Ryan Munz (MunzadetH) on Guitar, and Jake Foster on even more Guitar, you'll be guaranteed all the Kirby your dreams may desire.

Pink as Heck! And more Accurate than ever! Kirby's Dream Band is here to play straight covers with zero mistakes** and Three times as much dancing than their last MAGFest performance!

**KDB arrangements are 100% accurate. Any discrepancies from the original tunes are the liability of the performer.