Roll up the Rainbow Road! The five-man group made up of the pieces of Armcannon, The Smash Bros and Viking Guitar come together to form the man-made katamari that is LONELYROLLINGSTARS. (Yes, be sure to capitalize, lest The King of all Cosmos become cross.)

Watch the making of new stars come together and human katamaris form from the music of LRS on the MAG main stage. The energized party-rock of LONELYROLLINGSTARS will roll up your heart. (And possibly the rest of you.)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: LRS will be performing with the legendary Vince DiCola at Super MAG 2018! A badass performance just got that much badder ass-er.

Long! So Long! We fell asleep waiting for you, dear Princes! And We hate to have Our beauty sleep interrupted! You'll have to make it up to Us...

Can you roll up a Katamari at MAGFest? Try to get as many donuts on it as you possibly can. It seems to Us that you may be a bit out of practice, so We've prepared a training montage for you to get back in shape! A little work rolling the Katamari, and We're sure you can Transform to get back in the game and box with the best of them. Don't forget your pajamas– they're a sure bet to be as aerodynamic as possible while you're rolling!


(LONELYROLLINGSTARS are an alliance of old men that met at the dumpster out behind MAGFest. Combining far-flung members of The Smash Brothers, Armcannon, and Viking Guitar Live, some might call this motley assortment of facial hairstyles a "VGM supergroup." That's likely an unfitting & overblown title for a dad band that can't even be bothered to change out of their pajamas before taking the stage. Oh well. Regardless, LONELYROLLINGSTARS will continue to deliver rainbow-soaked VGM & TV jams straight from the eye of the CARNIVORTEX. Every LRS show is a pajama party, so wear your pajamas too!)

KEYS: Cubosh aka "Makes Weird References on Twitter that No One Else Understands" (of Armcannon)
GUITAR: MegaBeardo aka "Progenitor of The Luigi Death Stare" (of Viking Guitar Live)
GUITAR: Ailsean aka "Peach Fuzz Dad Hair" (formerly of The Smash Brothers)
BASS: norg aka "One Tasty Oatmeal Cookie Baking Sonofagun" (formerly of The Smash Brothers)
DRUMS: finbeard (a mascot statuette stolen from out in front of an old Big Boy restaurant & brought to life)