Magic Hammer

This isn't the meager Magic Hammer from the Legend of Zelda series, but a destructive weapon of musical fury. Based in Colorado, they descend from the icy, frostbitten Rocky Mountains to National Harbor, unleashing party sounds never before gracing the ears of mortals. Insanely paced beats find a fierce adversary in viking-meets-anime vocals and a vigorous instrumental force. Their battle-cry will bolster your bodies and fortify your spirits! For years they have slept, now come see this six-headed demon herald the return of epic dance metal to Super MAGFest!

Forged in the phlegathon of ultimate party and destruction, MAGIC HAMMER has returned. The Six Guardians have been called upon to unleash a capricious sonic whirlwind the likes of which have not graced mortal ears since the great wars of Sha'Moth over sixteen thousand generations past. This malicious monster of mystical musical mayhem, led by the Master Ov Time himself, crosses over to an advanced dimension to bring forth a new era of 64-bit Extreme Dance Metal.