Behold, the maestros of metal! The barons of brutality, otherwise known as Powerglove, return to the Super MAG stage once again to unleash total destruction through the airwaves. Bringing VGM covers and your favorite television theme songs to this harmonic battlefield, Powerglove promises to leave no ear unscathed. They will take no prisoners as they ravage the crowd with face-melting guitar licks, vigorous drum lines, and put an incredibly audacious spin on any melody they can get their hands on. Arm yourselves, the war of the stages is coming; come and be shredded to pieces in the wake of this mighty, magnificent speed-metal performance that dares to play what others cannot.

Hailing from the outer reaches of flavor country, the Powerglove woodwind quartet is the perfect choice for any bat mitzvah or funeral procession. Top scientists from Powerglove University in Prague have ascertained specific evidence from the children of Sanchez the Wise that Powerglove’s music is the answer to domestic abuse, and gout. However, clinical trials, have yet to prove that Powerglove is in any way effective against dysentery. These four young men, full of bold and fresh flavor, as well as all requisite herbs and spices will dance for you until the siren call of the Great Mancuso beacons us home to the undying realms with the audacity of succulent ham.