Retro-Active Live

In all honesty, folks, I'm not even sure how the hell to begin describing this insane mish-mash of overly talented performers. It's VGM & chiptune heroes Stemage, ap0c, Dino, & Kev Ragone all jamming together playing new music by legendary VGM composer Keiji Yamagishi. What kind of strange damn world are we even living in?!?

Regardless, I ain't missing this once in a lifetime showcase, and if you know what's good for you you won't either!

Brave Wave Productions is honored to present a special live set of music from Ninja Gaiden composer Keiji Yamagishi. To celebrate the release of "The Retro-Active Experience," the definitive version of Yamagishi's "Retro-Active" albums, Brave Wave has assembled an all-star cast of MAGFest performers including: Dino Lionetti (Cheap Dinosaurs, Chromelodeon), Grant Henry (Stemage, Metroid Metal), Steve Lakawicz (ap0c, p0cky br0s), and Kev Ragone (Cheap Dinosaurs, p0cky br0s). It's not just chiptune. It's funky. It's dancy. It's energy. It's colorful. It's tuba. Disco ball? Did we request a disco ball? RELEVANT.