Captain’s log, stardate 47634.44:

We were searching for more toroids of fuel for our antimatter drive when the sensors picked up the massive shadow of a SONIC BATTLECRUISER that overloaded all comm channels with the force of their ROCK. One of Orlando, Florida’s best is coming to MAGFest for the very first time ever: the titanic rock virtuosos of Sci-Fried! Between their experience playing premier conventions in Las Vegas and sharing the stage with TONS OF YOUR FAVORITE BANDS, Sci-Fried’s gonna assimilate well into MAGFest.

Sci-Fried is a geek rock band from Orlando that rocks out with their Spocks out! Dubbed "the Motley Crue of Geek Rock", they have melted faces nationwide with hard rock songs about Sci-Fi, video games, and all things Nerdy. They are bringing a fresh new sound with their new album, Hyperspaced. Their sixth studio album, Hyperspaced is a sonic adventure into geekdom that is destined to become one of your favorite albums this year! With a high energy stage show only matched by their passion for video games and beer, Sci-Fried is one act you will not want to miss!