Shubzilla x Bill Beats

Our next duo has refined their art in the chaotic and cutthroat rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, melding the tables and the mic together into a brain-melting experience that’s coming to MAGFest after having this year alone been to PAX West and a west coast tour. They’re the West Coast Finest (and way better than pretty good) – it’s the twosome of terror, Shubzilla x Bill Beats! With Shubzilla’s performance swagger over the foundation of Bill Beats’ DJing skill, we’re gonna turn the Gaylord up so much that we had to buy extra fire insurance –

Because they’re gonna BURN. IT. DOWN.

Shubzilla and Bill Beats began working together in 2011. Starting off with the single "Wonderful World" for "Bill Beats For President Vol.1," the duo has since released the EPs "Dinner And A Movie" and "BOOMERS," and also competed in the Vocalist/Producer Challenge 4 as West Coast Finest. They have the Death*Star/Shubzilla x Bill Beats West Coast tour and The Day Jobs Mini-Tour: West Coast Edition under their belts, along with performances at Norwescon, the PAXWest Nerdcore Showcase, MAGWest's Jamspace, and many others. With Shubzilla's frank and aggressive lyrics and Bill Beats' penchant for samples and bass-heavy compositions, they do not disappoint.