Viking Guitar Live

Are you ready for music so powerful it has its own friggin' beard? You seek Viking Guitar, the brainchild of audio engineer Erik Peabody. This is metal harder than forged steel, and you'll be looking to take up your own and go to war against your eardrums after hearing these aggressively sick riffs. With a live entourage including Stemage, Mega Beardo, Adam Henry, and Chunkstyle, Viking Guitar is set to raze the countryside before unleashing havoc at MAGFest.

Erik Peabody is a composer and audio engineer from Santa Cruz, California. As 'Viking Guitar', he and his merry men (Mega Beardo, Stemage, Chunkstyle, and Adam Henry) take old-school video game music and reforge them as blistering, molten metal! Grab your axe, grow a beard, and join Viking Guitar for high-energy nostalgia! KEEP THE WORLD METAL!