Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra

Looking to classy it up at Super MAGFest this year? Well good, because this time around we're hosting the 85-piece Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra!

WMGSO performances have been held in venues throughout the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia area and now they're gracing our stage with their classical video game arrangements! Move over Beethoven and Mozart; it's time for some Bastion and Metroid!

Now if only we can figure out where to store all of their gear....

The Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra (WMGSO) is a community orchestra and choir whose mission is to share and celebrate video game music with a wide audience by putting on affordable, accessible concerts in the Washington, D.C. area. For nearly five years, this non-profit orchestra has performed its own arrangements of video game music from titles including such favorites as “Final Fantasy” and “Mario,” as well as lesser-known and beloved games like “Shining Force” and “The Wonderful 101.” WMGSO’s 85 musicians look forward to sharing their love of all things VGM with the MAGFest audience this winter.