Our ultimate hip hop performer has intermittently been under the scrutiny of several federal agencies since the late 90s; he hacked the Gibson at NASA, Colorado Springs and the United States Geological Survey (among others) to show the government their own security flaws. His knowledge and swagger has served him well in consultant work and rapping. He’s a pioneer of nerd rap and scientific shenanigans who’s had a prognosticating eye on the future since the release of his cyberpunk hip-hopera Introducing Neals in 2014, forecasting a world in which digital freedom has been suppressed by corporate and governmental interference (SOUND FAMILIAR?). Gracing the stage at MAGFest for the VERY FIRST TIME is the spaceman pharaoh himself, YTCracker!

YTCracker is a cyberpunk nerdcore progenitor hailing and hacking from the darkest corners of the Internet.