If you're been to MAG in recent years, Pixelseed is a man who needs no introduction. Whether you've seen him performing his visual magic on main stage, providing bonus visuals to random open mic folk at Chipspace, or performing who knows where else over the MAG weekend, you've probably seen him working before. He just loves performing and volunteering his art at MAGFest that much.

Mostly because he's insane, but it works it well so it's cool.

Enjoy his performances with both Retro-Active Live and Auxcide.

Baltimore’s Pixelseed aka Sean Smith, is a man dedicated to his craft. Combining elements of animation, original film footage, and circuit-bent electronics and channeling it all through his more than twenty years of experience, Pixelseed goes above and beyond to ensure his visual creations match the musician he is paired with not just in terms of timing, but in mood and style.